Experience the Art of Balanced Living


You get up early and work late. You are bombarded with texts, emails, phone calls, mounting bills and depleting bank accounts. You eat on the run and mindlessly snack on food with little nutritional value only to see it turn into extra pounds on the scale. You carry scars with from relationships that show up from time to time in unsuspecting ways. You're tired, stressed out, overweight and overwhelmed. This is what it means to be out of balance.

As a whole, women are plagued by weight gain, stress and dis-ease. And while there many short-term solutions addressing the symptoms of our dysfunction, few go to the heart of suffering and facilitate real and permanent healing. 

On the other hand...

Imagine what it would feel like to have your slow down and wake up with gratitude each morning for a fresh new day. Imagine looking in the mirror to see that you've got your sexy back! You look younger and find all excess weight melted off for good. You are no longer held bondage by bad habits and self-defeating behaviors. You feel connected to your deeper purpose and what is sacred to you. You have found your own unique path of true healing and transformation. This is what it means to experience the art of balanced living.

Whether you desire to practice a preventive approach to healthy living through health coaching or simply need guidance with management of a chronic health concern which requires nutritional intervention, Holistic Equilibrium is YOUR pathway to balanced living.


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